Super Androide 17 by Szowel

Turles by MFT

Teen Gohan SS2 by Neocide(Todas versões)

Xicor/Zaiko by TOPS & Mephistopheles

Freeza by Ace Sama

Androide 19 by Szowel

Vegeta Super Saiyan God(SSJ GOD) God by Ristar87/Dizzy

Super Garlick Junior 2.0 by Chrono Strife

Vegeta Transform 2.0 by LegendTTA

Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta by Roken 

Goku SSJ4 by Roken

Bills by Ryuuji Hagane(Edit)

Vegetto by Wasaby

Super Zangya by Sawwen

Vegetto by Gangsti

Cell Forma 1 by Sawwen

Piccolo by The Necromancer

Goku SSJ3 By Gabe

Vegeta GT Normal e SSJ By Jordan Master

Majin Vegeta By LegendTTA

Broli SSJ3 By LegendTTA

Trunks Sword by Ssonic e Dude

Krillin by Sawwen

Koola Final form by Meforu

Super Vegetto by MFT (final)

Goku transform Portuguese by TOPS

Goku Legend by GZ Team

Battle Bejita by ....

Bejita by Seifer


Goku Legend by Sawady

Super Gogeta SSJ4 by Jedi

Kid buu by Neocide

Vegeta super saiyan by Dizzy

Hero (DbHeroes) by Ristar87/Bardock 

Tien by Team Os

Limiter-Cut Broly SSJ4 by Kamase 



PuiPui by Team os

Nappa by Team Os

Jeice by Sawwen

Cell forma 1 by Chrono Strife

Super Bardock by Sawwen

Gogeta ssj4 by Frs games e Mephistopheles

Goku Hi-res by Toskomics 

Super Androide 13 by Dragons Mugen Team

Androide 18 by Sawady

Gohan Black saiyaman by Mephistopheles 

Armored Gohan by Bardock e Nachonal

Bardock by MFT

Zangya by Sawwen and Saykyox
Broli By The Necromancer

Freeza by Alien San

Highlight Vegeta by Sawady

Guldo by Team Os

Super Mirai Trunks by mephistopheles

Ginew by Team Os

[Thanks to: Neocide,Aliensan,Team os,Necromancer,Chrono Strife,HyperionX,Majita,DragonsMugen,Harry phoenix,Xandi,wasaby,Roken,Cyanide,Ryon,Burori,Sawwen,redneck,Kratos..and others]

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